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Just Play! The Possibilities Are Endless

We all know the famous Shakespearean line, “All the world’s a stage.” I like to expand on it, turning it into one of my favorite philosophies—“All the world’s a stage … and a playground, too.” After all, what’s life if not enjoyed? Personally, I’ve always taken play as one of life’s serious mandates. And I think doll collectors do, too. To a large degree, play seems to be an inherent part of dolls’ allure; I have often heard collectors cite the tactile, touchable nature of dolls as the characteristic that draws them to dolls. There’s something irresistible about the play that dolls facilitate.

So with collectors’ penchant for play, we decided play was a fitting theme for the 2010 Doll & Teddy Bear EXPO. Just Play! will be held Oct. 1-3, 2010, in Winston-Salem, N.C., and it’s going to be the show collectors everywhere will not want to miss. With a new arts-oriented location, revamped events, exclusive show specials, an auction featuring highly sought-after dolls, exhibits showcasing rare and important pieces, a diverse group of exhibitors, and entertaining acts, EXPO 2010 will be rife with plenty of play opportunities for doll collectors of every variety.

We have a special digital issue of DOLLS scheduled to e-mail May 6, 2010. It will serve as your guide to all things EXPO. Get to know the manufacturers and artists who’ll be there, and see the work they’re going to bring to the show; learn the details of all the play planned for attendees; discover the great opportunities for enriching your Winston-Salem experience beyond the show doors. After exploring the issue, you’ll know exactly what you’ll get if you come to Winston-Salem this October, and you won’t want to miss the opportunity to Just Play!


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