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Meeting the folks in Portland, OR
I just came back from the show in Portland, Ore., ....what a fun day we had! The vendors really had a good time decorating with a Valentine's Day theme. The crowd was fabulous...and a happy group to boot! We were all finding treasures that our sweethearts could give us for Valentine's day. I found a wonderful black fashion doll at the Old B Dolls booth; the artist is from the Midwest and I am very impressed with her work. Shopping away, I found some wonderful children's cooking utensils at Sheryl Schmidt's booth. I bought them to give to my good friend Elaine Pardee ... I think she will really like them! Ruthie O'Neill always has stunning hand made jewelry among her darling teddy bears, and I certainly can't resist a new bangle. Over at the Bearzabout booth, I found the new baby "Miki" by Kish...she is really cute with my "Riley" and "Tulah." I fell in love at all of the antique dealers' booths; several dolls were irresistable and the displays were stunning. I flew back yesterday and was too tired to unpack, so I curled up with a mystery ... it was a very good day! This weekend we will be at the show in Roseville, Calif. I hope to see you there!


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