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Meeting People At The Show
Written by Dorothy Drake   

What a great day at the show!  It was a pretty typical day in Portland OR....a bit of a drizzle, a bit cool...perfect doll show weather.

What a great day at the show!  It was a pretty typical day in Portland OR....a bit of a drizzle, a bit cool...perfect doll show weather.  And did the folks ever turn out, proving to me and the exhibitors, that our wonderful hobby is recession resistant.   We still need to get out of the house and away from the TV and the depressing news. We still need to meet with people that share our hobby.  We still need to giggle over something new that tickles our fancy.  The hum in the room turned to a roar by mid-day, drowning out the announcements for door prizes..but it was still good, the prizes eventually found the winners.  I was surprised at the number of people that said they had not been to a doll show in years and were so glad to be back.  This supports another theory of mine, that once the doll bug bites, it is with us for life.  It was a great weekend!

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