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If I Could Buy Any Doll Today
Written by Debbie Garrett   
After surviving a week that seemed endless and experiencing extreme joy about the approaching weekend, I decided to make a cyber doll purchase.  This will not provide long-term gratification like an actual doll purchase, but the goal is for any form of doll gratification, real or fake. 

I asked myself, “If you could afford to buy any doll of your heart’s desire, which doll would you choose?”   I answered, “A Leo Moss doll!”

I covet at least one Leo Moss doll for my collection.  Any one of his elusive and thousands-of- dollars-valued dolls, which date back to the late 1800s through the early 1930s, is certain to provide instant and long-term gratification.

Moss, a native of Macon, Ga., and handyman by trade, sculpted doll heads of papier-mache without the use of molds.  He purchased manufactured bodies from a New York toy supplier. 

Moss used family members and friends as subjects for his dolls.   Research shows if a child cried during the sculpting process, he included the tears. A twist to this story:  Moss added tears to child dolls after his wife left him and all, except their youngest child, a baby, to run off with the NY toy supplier! 

When I actually acquire a Leo Moss doll, I will cry … tears of joy.

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