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Message Forum Etiquette
Written by Alison Rasmussen   

Doll message boards, forums and groups offer collectors a world of resources, when used wisely. Learn from my experience how not to behave online!
Doll message boards, forums and groups offer collectors a world of resources, when used wisely. Learn from my experience how not to behave online!

If you’re like me, you like as much information as possible before investing your dolly dollars. Message boards are a great resource for gathering information. Here is what you can learn from online groups:

  • Honest information about dolls: You get the real scoop from actual owners.
  • Lots of real-life photographs
  • News and information from collectors who follow the latest trends in the industry, including exclusive club dolls or dealer exclusives
  • Swaps, splits and second-hand purchases
  • Society and interaction: Relationships with other collectors are a bonus.
  • As with anything in life, there are some things to keep in mind when frequenting online message boards, however:
  • Each forum has its own rules. Before posting your first message, be sure you’re posting on topic and that your signature conforms to the group’s standard. Sometimes it’s worth doing a little browsing beforehand!
  • Watch your tone. Tone is the hardest thing to communicate in writing--especially in email or board posts, even with the myriad of emoticons available. It’s easy to offend and be offended by a casual, even well-meant remark. From personal experience, it’s best to assume the offending remark was well-meant.
  • With purchases, trades and swaps, don’t indicate your interest unless you are prepared to pay for the doll in full. Flaking on a purchase is bad form. As a seller, be 100% honest with the items you are selling. And if you can’t ship the item upon receipt of payment, state so in your post.
  • Online resources are a huge part of the doll collecting community, and a highlight of my day. I learn something new every day from them!


Phantom efx online casino

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Phantom efx online casino

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