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Lori Lawton Lori Lawton collected dolls during her childhood in the mid 1960s through "Barbie’s" Mod era. As an adult, she has focused on Barbie Collector, Madame Alexander and Tonner dolls, which dominate her collection. Her aim is to have at least one doll from each manufacturer of fashion dolls. Her other passions are classic films, classy television, travel, art museums, poetry and literature. Although the disorders were undiagnosed as a child, as an adult Lori has had ongoing treatment for depression and recently learned she has attention deficit disorder. The experiences have inspired her to write about the theraupetic benefits to dolls.
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1 Making a Doll List and Checking It Twice Lori Lawton
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3 Change for a Doll or ... Lori Lawton
4 Dolls as a Support System Lori Lawton
5 Adventures in Doll Shopping Lori Lawton
6 Doll Patterns Lori Lawton
7 Wishing & Waiting Lori Lawton
8 Dolls as Life Coach Part II Lori Lawton
9 Life Coaching with Dolls ... Part I Lori Lawton
10 Conflict Resolution and Doll Play Lori Lawton
11 Contemplating a Doll Purchase Lori Lawton
12 Dolls Heal Lori Lawton