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Paulette Goodreau Paulette Goodreau is the designer for Goodreau Doll LLC: a company owned and operated by the Goodreau family. She has been sculpting and designing dolls and their costumes for the last four years. She has BFA in art, drawing and painting, from Long Beach State in California. She is also an author and Illustrator.

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101 Fair-Well, My Lovely: Thoughts on the 108th Annual Toy Fair Stephanie Finnegan
102 Fly Boy: Broadway’s Spider-Man needs to be toyed with. Stephanie Finnegan
103 Face Value: Are you ready to face the truth about doll bigotry? Stephanie Finnegan
104 East of Eden: A friend struggles with an uncontrollable urge to own a Jeannie doll or two. Stephanie Finnegan
105 Bratty Behavior: Two Major Players Clash in a Courtroom over Bratz Dolls’ Beginnings. Stephanie Finnegan
106 Desperate Housewife on the Verge of a Doll Collecting Breakdown Stephanie Finnegan
107 The Year in Review Stephanie Finnegan
108 Christmas Memories: A Window on What Makes You Tick Stephanie Finnegan
109 Buy a Doll, Save the World? Stephanie Finnegan
110 Tonner Trends: Can a Doll Be a Sexual Pioneer? Stephanie Finnegan
111 Funny Thing About "Funny Girl" Stephanie Finnegan
112 Barbie, Bling and Bleeps Stephanie Finnegan
113 I Spy with Doll Eyes Stephanie Finnegan
114 Halloween Hi-Jinx Stephanie Finnegan
115 Nature or Nurture: Why in the World Do I Buy Dolls? Stephanie Finnegan
116 D.C. Follies: Dolls that Tax Credibility Stephanie Finnegan
117 Leave It to Bieber Stephanie Finnegan
118 Hello, Dolly: Dolls Are Everywhere You Look, and Don’t Look, These Days Stephanie Finnegan
119 Buy Any Good Dolls Lately? Fess up and share the details. I’m in the market to know. Stephanie Finnegan
120 Puppet Power: Raise your hand—preferably with a puppet on it—if these charmers have carved out a place in your life! Stephanie Finnegan
121 Raggedy Ann Rules Stephanie Finnegan
122 Inner Internet Stephanie Finnegan
123 Monster Mash Stephanie Finnegan
124 I Spy: iPods and eBooks are eliminating the need for clutter. What does this mean for collectors? Stephanie Finnegan
125 Freaks and Gleeks Stephanie Finnegan
126 What Is the Fate of Doll and Toy Publications? Carie Ferg
127 Mad About the Men: Why are so many red-blooded males weak-kneed about the “Mad Men” dolls? Stephanie Finnegan
128 Doll-ars and Sense: Can a famous soccer player, a plastic brick, an average Joe and a GI Joe save the economy? Stephanie Finnegan
129 Anne Rice’s Doll Auction: Is it a stake through her heart? Stephanie Finnegan
130 Forever Young: We have multiple Snow White dolls but no Betty Whites. Are we afraid to grow old? Stephanie Finnegan
131 Living Dolls: Could Your Life Stand Up to the Doll Challenge? Stephanie Finnegan
132 Dollcasters: Is Network TV just a Few Segments Away from a Team of Vinyl Broadcasters? Stephanie Finnegan
133 The Friends of Barbie R: A Six-Step Program to End Doll Denial Stephanie Finnegan
134 City Slickers: Can Carrie Bradshaw and Pals Ever Be Cut Down to Size? Stephanie Finnegan
135 Leading Men: Sign Me Up for a Collection! Carie Ferg
136 Say so Long to Hollywood and Vinyl Stephanie Finnegan
137 Dolls ARE Art! Carie Ferg
138 First Impressions, Lasting Memories Stephanie Finnegan
139 2010 Tonner Convention a Home Run Carie Ferg
140 Paper Pusher Stephanie Finnegan
141 That Thing that Moves Me Most Carie Ferg
142 Remembering Jack Friedman Stephanie Finnegan
143 Dolls that Go Bump in the Night Stephanie Finnegan
144 Collectible Quandary: Can You Collect When There’s Nothing There? Stephanie Finnegan
145 Flirting with Disaster: A Tragedy with Titanic Results! Stephanie Finnegan
146 Throwing a CURVEball Stephanie Finnegan
147 Fantastic Plastic Power Stephanie Finnegan
148 I played this weekend Paulette Goodreau
149 Just wondering Paulette Goodreau
150 My First Blog Paulette Goodreau
151 Love Me Tender Administrator
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