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Paulette Goodreau Paulette Goodreau is the designer for Goodreau Doll LLC: a company owned and operated by the Goodreau family. She has been sculpting and designing dolls and their costumes for the last four years. She has BFA in art, drawing and painting, from Long Beach State in California. She is also an author and Illustrator.

Web site: www.goodreaudoll.com
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1 Speaking from the Heart: Berdine Creedy thanks colleagues, collectors Stephanie Finnegan
2 Forever Feuding: Why couldn’t Crawford and Davis be content as frenemies? Stephanie Finnegan
3 Double Image: Rafael Nuri designs dolls that are doubly impressive Stephanie Finnegan
4 The Mod Squad: American Girl wisely grows its line of contemporary, multicultural characters Stephanie Finnegan
5 Over the Rainbow: Monica Reo’s newest creations reside & rule over imagination Stephanie Finnegan
6 Beauties and Beasts: Debbie Weimert daydreams all of these characters Stephanie Finnegan
7 Words Made Real: An e-mail blast from Robert Tonner truly came alive Stephanie Finnegan
8 Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: Tonner Dolls shines a spotlight on Mary Astor’s “bad” behavior Stephanie Finnegan
9 Mad About Alexander: Face-lifts & fashion? Fantasy realism? Tweet it out! Stephanie Finnegan
10 Toy Fair 2017: Hello, Hologram Dolly! Barbie wows as an AI beam of light Stephanie Finnegan
11 Toy Fair 2017: Mattel Steps Up with Anime, Gabby Douglas, Yves Saint Laurent & You! Stephanie Finnegan
12 Toy Fair 2017: A Global Gathering Stephanie Finnegan
13 Imitation of Life: On-screen and off-screen dolls live out a fabled Hollywood director’s visions Stephanie Finnegan
14 The Sweet Smell of Success: Estée Lauder’s doll devotion Stephanie Finnegan
15 Illustrator Kyle Hilton turns pop-culture icons into real paper dolls Stephanie Finnegan
16 Quirky Quotes: 16 celebrities sound off about their doll connections Stephanie Finnegan
17 Postscript to the Past: Theresa Merritt visualizes hidden figures in history Stephanie Finnegan
18 Celebrating a Fresh Start with Gretchen Anthony’s Reborn Creations Stephanie Finnegan
19 Real-Life Miss Peregrine? Meet Linda Michel’s Contemplative Dolls Stephanie Finnegan
20 2016 in Review: A Golden Age of Female Re-Imagining? Stephanie Finnegan
21 Paradise Galleries: Memories of Christmas Past Stephanie Finnegan
22 Welcome to the Dollhouse: Historic Houses of Odessa swing open a door to a dream Stephanie Finnegan
23 Yuletide Paradise: Hawaii’s Bo Bergemann discovers her inner snowman! Stephanie Finnegan
24 Heidi Plusczok’s career blends creativity, love Stephanie Finnegan
25 Making Goodwill Come Alive: Amy van Boxel’s dolls are illuminating Stephanie Finnegan
26 Making Goodwill Come Alive: Amy van Boxel’s dolls are illuminating Stephanie Finnegan
27 Fanciful Flurry: Elizabeth Cooper’s dolls are heart-melting little snowflakes! Stephanie Finnegan
28 Saluting the Zawieruszynskis: Learning the A to Z’s of Doll Artistry Stephanie Finnegan
29 Super Women as Super Dolls: It’s Elementary, My Dear Watson, with IAmElemental Figures Stephanie Finnegan
30 Thrills & Chills: Timid folks might be afraid to read this post. Are you? Stephanie Finnegan
31 Tender Loving Care: Mayra Garza sculpts with an abundance of faith, hope, and love Stephanie Finnegan
32 Monsters United: Lady Gaga makes her Monster High debut as Zomby Gaga Stephanie Finnegan
33 Baby Bounce: From Oprah to your daughter, Andrea Arcello finds inspiration everywhere Stephanie Finnegan
34 Beautiful Dreamers: Looking Back at Some of Sherry Rawn’s Sleeping Cherubs Stephanie Finnegan
35 “So Long, Farewell” to Charmian Carr, forever known as Liesl von Trapp Stephanie Finnegan
36 Lorella Falconi pt. 2: Dolls that blend vintage purity, visionary splendor Stephanie Finnegan
37 Fragile but Fierce: Lorella Falconi’s dolls embody a rainbow of feelings Stephanie Finnegan
38 Artistic Craving: Shawna Clymer’s creations will get under your skin Stephanie Finnegan
39 Whimsical and Wonderful: Find out why Xenis rules the world of wooden dolls Stephanie Finnegan
40 Downton Abbey Divas: Meet the porcelain versions of fan favorites Stephanie Finnegan
41 Outlander Odyssey: Monica Reo’s Claire Randall doll is out of this world Stephanie Finnegan
42 Dream Catchers: The Gorjuss Doll collection lets you fill in the blanks! Stephanie Finnegan
43 Lasting Impressions: Berthe Morisot’s doll paintings are invitations to dream and discover Stephanie Finnegan
44 Who’s Your Dada? Two women might actually be the founding “fathers” of this art movement Stephanie Finnegan
45 Mad About Dolls? Collecting is one excuse for committing Liz Taylor in ‘Raintree County’ Stephanie Finnegan
46 Royal Intrigue: The Secret Behind Dolls, Divas, and the Downfall of Marie Antoinette! Stephanie Finnegan
47 Gals, Guns, and Dolls: A film noir classic zeroes in on a ‘wicked woman’ and her all-seeing doll Stephanie Finnegan
48 Silence Is Golden: Talkin’ up dolls and how they blazed across the 1920s! Stephanie Finnegan
49 Ode to Orlando’s Deceased: Why should we, doll enthusiasts, pray and play loudly? Stephanie Finnegan
50 Wedding Belles: Say “I do” to These Beautiful and Radiant Bride Dolls Stephanie Finnegan
51 Doll Doppelgangers: You’ll be surprised to see who has gained that honor! Stephanie Finnegan
52 Cher and Cher Alike: Happy 70th Birthday, Foxy Lady! Stephanie Finnegan
53 The “Friends” View of Dolls: Are you Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel? Stephanie Finnegan
54 Play Misty for Me: Misty Copeland Becomes a Barbie Stephanie Finnegan
55 A Mother’s Memoir: Gloria Vanderbilt Has Lived Her Life Through Dolls Stephanie Finnegan
56 Myth or Reality? The Rise of the Female Warrior Stephanie Finnegan
57 Future Shock: Robots are here, and they’re just big cuddly dolls, right? Stephanie Finnegan
58 Heart to Heart: A troupe of actors and figural-art creations make theater magic Stephanie Finnegan
59 Make My Day: Make a Doris Day Doll! Stephanie Finnegan
60 Farewell, Patty Duke: A Class Act and a Collector’s Dream Stephanie Finnegan
61 When Doll Love Goes Wrong: A Cautionary Tale Stephanie Finnegan
62 Can You Be a Feminist and a Doll Enthusiast? Stephanie Finnegan
63 Who Was Rosie the Riveter? And Why Does She Matter? Stephanie Finnegan
64 Discover Harper Lee’s Legacy for Collectors, Doll Artists, and American Girls Stephanie Finnegan
65 Toy Fair: Entering the presidential race, doll candidates have something to say about US, us! Stephanie Finnegan
66 Swooning for Superheroes? They’re soaring everywhere at Toy Fair Stephanie Finnegan
67 Like RuPaul Says, Love Yourself . . . and Your Fashion Doll Will Follow Stephanie Finnegan
68 Could You Live Your Doll’s Life? And Should You Want That? Stephanie Finnegan
69 Boy, Oh Boy! Stephanie Finnegan
70 Barbie Blockbuster: Toyland’s Golden Girl Goes for Film Stardom—for real! Stephanie Finnegan
71 Dangerous Curves Ahead: Catwoman Makes Her Mark Stephanie Finnegan
72 Big-Screen Goldmine: Jem and the Holograms are next, but the Cabbage Patch Kids/American Hustle mash-up could be really big! Stephanie Finnegan
73 Leaders of the Pack: Dolls are easy riders and easy on the eyes! Stephanie Finnegan
74 Santa Sanitizer: Is there a clause for germ exemption when you’re handing out dolls and bears? Stephanie Finnegan
75 The Sound of Tweeting: A Carrie Underwood doll, anyone? Stephanie Finnegan
76 Thankful and Delightful: A charming and nostalgic doll salute to Thanksgiving, past and present. Stephanie Finnegan
77 Doll Dilemma: What do you do when your celebrity likeness behaves badly? Stephanie Finnegan
78 Viva Vivien! For her would-be 100th birthday, the late star receives love and admiration. Stephanie Finnegan
79 Ghouls, Gals, and Girl Power: Halloween children who refuse to grow up or grow dull. Stephanie Finnegan
80 Fifty Shades of Red: Fall invites artists to experiment with the autumnal auburn highlights. Stephanie Finnegan
81 Love, Set, Match: Dolls of real-life couples and famous screen pairings make collectors tingle! Stephanie Finnegan
82 Body of Proof: These dolls and pop icons have interesting past and double lives. Stephanie Finnegan
83 Show and Tell: TV dolls say a lot about characters, collectors, and culture. Stephanie Finnegan
84 Dishing About Dolls: Celebs let their hair down and their doll opinions fly! Stephanie Finnegan
85 Boy Toy: Crush-worthy singers are the perfect playthings for gals of all ages. Stephanie Finnegan
86 Conversing over Coffee: A blogger pours out her heart about dolls and caffeine. Stephanie Finnegan
87 The “It Girl” Forever: Mona Lisa has captivated songwriters, historians, and doll artists. Stephanie Finnegan
88 PANdemonium: There is a riot of Peter Pan dolls that invite us to fly and believe. Stephanie Finnegan
89 Icy and Intriguing: Virginie Ropars brings a mature and menacing vibe to the Snow Queen. Stephanie Finnegan
90 “Frozen” Fever: The Internet is heating up with speculation about Disney’s cool fall release. Stephanie Finnegan
91 Ode to Heavenly Heroines: Odette and Gabrielle are OOAK twists on classic characters. Stephanie Finnegan
92 Surf-n-Turf: Getting to the meat of the swimsuit preoccupation of our dolls! Stephanie Finnegan
93 Mod Men: With the show on the brink of 1970 America, Don Draper is no longer buttoned-up and Brylcreemed. Stephanie Finnegan
94 Pretty as a Princess: If Kate’s baby is a girl, expect a kingdom’s worth of dolls to follow! Stephanie Finnegan
95 Graduation Extravaganza: Valedictorians, future superstars, and bizarre figures earn high marks. Stephanie Finnegan
96 Cinderella Charming: The toast of Broadway 2013 has long been a muse to dollmakers. Stephanie Finnegan
97 Heart, hearth, and home: A modern installation and a Jazz Age jewel have much in common. Stephanie Finnegan
98 Bard Beauties: The play is indeed the thing for these Shakespearean-inspired dolls. Stephanie Finnegan
99 Dragon Heart: “Game of Thrones” sets sci-fi geeks’ (and their moms’) imaginations afire! Stephanie Finnegan
100 Party Girl: Madame Alexander’s legacy turns 90 years old, and still going strong! Stephanie Finnegan
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