PhotobucketDuring the third quarter of 2009, I wrote Vogue to inquire about the possible inclusion of an African American (AA) Dress Me Boy as well as an AA 21st Century Jill.  I was told that both were a possibility.

This past December, Vogue and I shared information. I shared with them an image of a “reborn” AA vintage Dress Me Ginny girl that I transformed into a boy.  They shared that a manufactured AA Dress Me Boy and an AA Crib Crowd doll would be available in February or March 2010.  I began looking forward.

Thanks to Ginny dealer, Judy McGrail, I now know these are a reality.  Judy did some sharing, too.  Her scans and images from the 2010 Vogue Catalogue confirm the existence of the two dolls Vogue promised in addition to an AA Jill and a new AA Mini GinnyMini Ginny also has a carrying case!

Just when I declared I would not purchase any more dolls in a long while…

When it comes to dolls (and most everything else), it never hurts to ask, and an incurable collector should never say never.

Thank you, Vogue!  Thank you, Judy, for sharing the images and scans!

Do contact Judy if you would like to preorder any of the 2010 Vogue dolls.

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