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A Long-Awaited Princess
Dolls in Black, Chronicles and Perspectives
Written by Debbie Garrett   

I recently received preorder notification for Mattel's Princess Tiana and Just One Kiss Princess Tiana dolls.  The dolls represent the main character in Disney's upcoming movie, The Princess and the FrogPrincess Tiana is Disney's first animated African American princess.  This newly created character joins the ranks of Disney's other princesses, past and present.* Little girls who have longed for princesses that look like them are certain to be thrilled with the movie character and dolls.  A few big girls, including me, are already ecstatic!

Life on the Road
From the Show Floor
Written by Dorothy Drake   

After an event-filled weekend which included our San Diego show, I paused to reflect on what I might have been thinking when I accepted the responsibility of organizing 15+ doll shows a year.  Travel isn't always glamorous. Even before considering the long hours ...

What Is a BJD Really?
Editor's Blog
Written by Carie Ferg   

Just closed with the November issue today, so now on to December, which is exciting for several different reason (most of which I can’t talk about yet). But one story than I can hint about will delve into the whole, “What is a BJD really?” issue.

Life Coaching with Dolls ... Part I
Written by Lori Lawton   

Financially doll collecting can get you into a serious mess. But if you have an actual mess, you can use your doll investment to help you develop an organizational system flexible enough to be used for other household projects.

I played this weekend
In the Spotlight
Written by Paulette Goodreau   

Well this weekend as usual I ran errands. And when I went to our local buy everything store there were all new dolls out. Being a huge fan of playdolls I bought them all! I bought some clothing, who knows what it will fit in my existing doll collection. And I bought some extras; a grafitti car, and an airbrush t shirt factory for my Moxi Doll, and extra wigs for my new Livworld doll.

Wholesome Dolls for Girls—adult collectors find encouraging
Dolls in Black, Chronicles and Perspectives
Written by Debbie Garrett   

Designed by Stacey McBride-Irby, Mattel's So In Style dolls encourage mentorship, interest exploration, and career aspiration.  Each 11-1/2- and 5-1/2-in doll has a combination of interests and favorite school subjects.  Sold as big-sis/little-sis sets, they are also sold separately.

A Berry-Good Makeover
In the News
Written by Heidi Heideman   

I am an eighties child, so my reaction when the box filled with promotional materials for the new Strawberry Shortcake Doll came to the DOLLS magazine office went something like this:

Managing Your Doll Collection With the Theme Method
The Doll Addiction
Written by Alison Rasmussen   

How do you deal with organizing your collection and your ever-growing wish list of dolls? Develop a theme, or better yet, several themes.

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