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Bartlesville Beauties
Wednesday, 24 December 2008 00:00

lipfert-shirleytempleDiscover a First-class Doll Collection at a Place Devoted to Wildlife, Colt Firearms and Shrunken Heads

Visitors to Bartlesville, Okla., ex­pect get a glimpse of the Old West in the heart of the Midwest: After all, this was the land of the cowboys, Indians and outlaws—where men were men and sometimes oil barons, too, cattle was wrangled and possibility was as big as the Great Outdoors.

International Dolls Await Discovery
Saturday, 01 September 2007 00:00

Believe it or not, a Ripley, Ohio, Museum Houses a Delightful Collection of Beauties that Celebrate Type, Technique, Taste and Trends From Around the Globe.

ripley-museum-holland-dollsRipley, Ohio, is best known for its historic role in the Underground Railroad. Each year, thousands of visitors climb the steep steps to the Rankin House State Memorial, which gave safe harbor to slaves crossing the Ohio River from the south and to freedom.

On the Doll Trail: All Points North
Monday, 01 January 2007 00:00

At New Jersey’s Northlandz, Dolls and Trains Share a Magical Museum.

northlandz-great-american-railway-sceneJust off New Jersey’s suburban Route 202, about an hour north of Philadelphia and past roadside vendors selling fresh produce, sits a squat, gray-columned warehouse. At first blush the depot looks bland, like storage for dusty, unloved objects. But step inside the building and you’ll be greeted by Northlandz, an unlikely doll wonderland.