Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Creative Spirit

One of the best parts of being a dollmaker is the chance to create something out of nothing. It’s a heady experience to take a handful of fabric, threads, wool and buttons and con­vert them into a huggable and appealing character. For the creative team at Käthe Kruse, one of the most alluring factors of dollmaking was the chance to create a new lingo, to make the make-believe real and to dabble with a little bit of spiritualism and mysticism. They were able to do all this via their Feng Shui line and their popular Guardian Angel doll as...

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Family Matters at Dolls by Pauline

Doll collecting is a small world. The artists routinely make them­selves accessible to their collectors; collectors share real-life stories with their favorite magazine editors; and all members of the industry bond over works of art that recall personal, individual triumphs or global, recognizable truths. It doesn’t matter what continent or country a doll enthusiast hails from, as he or she is part of a larger and more loving community. The notion of belonging to a worldwide family of doll fanciers is especially palpable at Dolls by Pauline. The company, which had been spearheaded by the late Pauline Bjonness- Jacobsen,...

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Drama Queens

For those of us who are addicted, and there are millions of us, it’s nearly impossible to believe that the Sunday-night antics of the Wisteria Lane ladies only debuted less than three years ago. The loves, laughs, triumphs and tragedies of this quintet of charismatic women initially flickered across our TV screens in October 2004. It’s staggering to think we’ve only been enchanted with these Desperate House­wives for a bit more than two years. They’ve so enraptured us as a culture, become such a part of our lingo, it feels like a decade, for sure! The fact that these...

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Born to Be Loved

When you have the opportunity to chat with Ken Werner, president, consumer products, of the Middleton Doll Co., you find yourself in the presence of a man who takes his role seriously, but not himself. Werner’s good-natured self-ribbing is evidenced by his job description: “chief baby-doll guy.” And he further proves he is a good sport when he reveals his confirmation name: “Christopher; I thought I might be the reincarnation of Chris Columbus.” Though a 15th-century explorer and a 21st-century corporate head may have little in common on the surface, Werner does share a spirit of adventure, a desire...

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Madame Alexander: Always in Fashion

When the gals and guys who know which dir­ection hems are heading get together for Fashion Week, they are thrilled to discover new names and outrageous outfits. There’s a heady feeling connected to revealing a never-before-known designer and unusual label. But the fashionistas truly revel in ab­sorbing and applauding the well-known, well-established classics. They clamor for Chanel; give ovations to Oscar de la Renta; and drool over Dior. The same holds true for Toy Fair week. Folks in the business of fun scramble to and fro, hectically seeking the next big sensation, the next huge hit. The gals and...

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Hildegard Günzel’s Brand New World

When Hildegard Günzel began to make an undeniable name for herself in the United States, back in the 1980s, her Germanic-sounding name, with its many syllables and alphabet soup appearance, was a tongue-twisting nightmare. Many folks wondered whether Günzel would anglicize her moniker, reduce its difficulty, and make it easier on the Yankee palate. True to herself and to her origins, Hildegard Günzel maintained that her public would come to embrace her lyrical works and her wordy first and last names. She was right. Today, her name rolls off the tongue; it has become synonymous with excellence, beauty and...

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