Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Just wondering

Lately I am having such confusing days. Always feeling like I am not quite finishing everything I need to get done. Realizing for the first time, I think there really are not enough hours in a day. Then I start to wonder when did we get this big? And is this what I really wanted??? Of course it is I just never thought about the constant adjustment that when I am so busy, that adding one thing in my life takes the place of another. Thus we get to the doll part…a very wise man, Robert Tonner said to me as he explained his beautiful new doll Antionette. That when making a jointed doll, everything you add takes something away. So sometimes the most poseable dolls are not always the most aestetically pleasing dolls. I wonder now if adding more jointing, is a good thing or is there a point when there is enough. And is resin and vinyl really the only mediums I need to work in, because lately I am enjoying paperclay, and porcelain. But I will end this blog with a little tid bit into Annette my sister and I’s real life. Today Annette who is the senior VP of a company, and also Cheif Actuary, plumbed our Well for our home. It involved, digging, water, mud splatters, two part glue, and alot of PVC. I helped...

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Miss Ingenuity – Doll Artist Kari Byron

Kari Byron is the typical girl-next-door; that is, if the girl-next-door can detonate a bomb, swim with a shark and good-naturedly pal around with a frat house of techno-savvy dudes. The Californian native is the cheerful and remarkably competent host of the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters series. True to the show’s title, Byron’s presence with her four male counterparts busts all the myths about females being afraid of things that go bump in the night. With gusto and loads of charm, Byron throws herself into the weekly challenges of scientifically proving whether a well-known truism is indeed fact or fiction....

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My First Blog

I think I am going to start this Visiting Dolly Artist blog, by giving people a blow by blow of my day! I got up at 5 a.m., and fed my 17 animals, soon to 18, as we are taking in a little female cat that twitches. Now for those of you who know me, I have only broken and mostly really elderly animals. So of course why wouldn’t we take the twitcher. Then at 6 a.m., I gave all the medication for the morning. This morning I was already working at 6:30 answering e-mails. Of course our brand-new e-commerce site has some glitches, and I had to e-mail poor Charlene our webmaster on her vacation. At 8 a.m. I ate my breakfast, and Annette left for her “real” job … the one that pays the mortgage. Then I started to get all the shipping together, but of course the dogs needed out. Then I had to call Mom as I do it everyday, and then a storm started to roll in. I had to clean up the backyard and secure everything, as it might be a tornado. By the time I finished all of that, Oscar my Fed Ex guy was at the gate, and only two boxes had the labels on them. Don’t worry Oscar is coming back. In between this, the dogs needed out again, and...

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Cosmo Girl

The Internet is often dubbed “the information superhighway,” but this fall, it will also be known as the “international super-runway.” In autumn 2009 Hasbro is debuting a new line of fashion dolls and oh-so-fashionable clothing called the Lorifina Collection. “The Lorifina Collection provides a unique and exciting opportunity for tween girls to express their personal styling by creating a custom doll and then dressing her in clothing inspired by the most fashionable cities in the world,” states Kim Losey, senior brand manager, global marketing and development, for Hasbro. The well-garbed capitals that the “Lorifina” dolls will be circling are...

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The ABCs of Doll Artistry

When doll visionary Paulette Goodreau is asked about her early, formative years, she answers with her characteristic great humor and insight. “I grew up in East Grand Rapids, Mich., a very small suburb of Grand Rapids. It was like growing up in a movie—not so much like Leave It to Beaver but more Desperate Housewives! I loved it and still go home to visit.” Born in July 1961, Goodreau and her family were “unconventional” by the times and the standards of her neighborhood. “My mother was a single mom, and our family was loud, funny and embarrassing!” she jokes....

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Love Me Tender

“The Only One for Me Is You and You for Me” Romance, designed by artist Karen Scott for the Marie Osmond Doll Collection, captures hearts in a sheer, embroidered organza dress and long, dark, curly hair. The 17-inch doll is part of an edition of 1,200 and is priced at $129.95. She is made of porcelain and has a cloth body. Click here to see an array of delightful love-me-tender-themed...

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