Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Storyteller: Jodi Brown turns literary characters into 3-D paper figures

Photos courtesy of Wet Canvas Art One of the things I’m most thankful about when it comes to blogging is the chance to introduce readers to new genres of creativity, brand-new themes, and new ways to think about an old concept. For most of us, when we think of a paper doll, we think of a colorful drawing that can be carefully cut out of a book. Once the character — often celebrities or pop icons of her era — is released, she can then be dressed in paper fashions, again requiring a great deal of painstaking precision. It’s...

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Turning Courage on Its Head: New Barbie sports hijab, bronze medal

When Mattel announced this week that they would be producing a new Shero doll, available for purchase in 2018, I imagine they knew they would be unleashing a social media firestorm. Created right now as a one-of-a-kind tribute doll to Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad, the doll will be made available next year for consumer purchase. Now, other Olympic athletes have been honored with doll likenesses in the past — in fact, the Shero Barbie line paid homage to Gabby Douglas with a spot-on counterpart. What made this current choice so controversial is what the doll is wearing. Nope, it’s not...

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Words from the Heart: Bo Bergemann’s dolls speak about her life

Bo Bergemann has always had a lot to say. Her dolls have functioned as a three-dimensional testament to what has been on her mind and in her heart. During my last round of correspondence with Bo, she was pondering leaving her home base in Hawaii to travel with her daughter to a specialized school for the deaf. Unsure of how she would maintain her gallery/retail space back home, Bo was in a state of flux. However, she knew three things forsure: she loves her daughter; she’s devoted to making sure her daughter will succeed; and she’s committed to finding...

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Natalie Ruiz’s dolls are cinematic marvels

Photos courtesy of Natalie Ruiz People often say something or someone is larger than life. For most of us — as long as the observation isn’t being made about our latest venture onto a scale — the opinion is considered high praise, indeed. For many people (myself included), why strive to be everyday commonplace? Isn’t it more fun to have a dash of eccentricity or uniqueness? If it means having to assume a bigger than average personality, so be it. It really does make sense to strive toward over the top rather than stuck in a rut or in...

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Devilish Doll Drama: Lights, Camera, Attack!

Film photos courtesy of Movie Star News Many folks would love to have a doll that looked just like them — maybe not how they appear first thing in the morning, suffering with bedhead and bleary eye. But, just think, after you’re all scrubbed and pulled together, a doll that mirrors YOU at your best would be kind of nice to own. But what if the doll actually owned you . . . and your soul had to be the price to pay for this mini effigy. Well, that’s the stuff of doll horror movies, and Halloween wouldn’t be...

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Menacing Doll Magic: ‘I Walked with a Zombie’ features powerful rituals

Photos courtesy of Movie Star News With Halloween right around the corner, it’s that time of year again to question why are dolls perceived as so wicked and conniving. Yes, I said it. Every October, dolls become Public Enemy #1, thought to be capable of wreaking all manner of havoc upon unsuspecting civilians. There are all sorts of films that cast dolls in the terrifying roles of purveyor of evil and demonic possession. Some of the flicks are extremely low-budget — producers don’t have to worry about paying union wages when their leading lady or man is a doll....

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