Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Summer Wind: Edith Schmidt’s doll clothing flutters in the breeze

Photos courtesy of Edith’s Editions One of the interesting things I’ve noted in the world of doll collecting — and particularly with the advent of BJDs, and their invitation to get “up close and personal” — many women will spend a great deal of money buying ensembles and accessories for their dolls, but will shop smartly and rarely for their own wardrobes. (In other words, they will commission one-of-a-kind, bespoke fashions for their “mini me,” but will hold out for the summer sale and the Kohl’s bucks for their own needs.) I suppose it makes sense, because unlike us...

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Moving Images: The Morris Museum’s “steampunk” marvels are truly amazing

Photos courtesy of the Morris Museum About a decade ago, I saw a really fascinating documentary. It was called “Born Rich,” and it was made by one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company. James “Jamie” Johnson is the heir apparent to all of that wealth — we’re talking about oodles and boodles and maybe even poodles of money! He is going to be richer than most of us mere mortals will ever dream of being. Pierrot — Ecrivain, one of the mechanical marvels in Morristown, N.J. Rather than just sitting at home and counting bags...

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Revolutionary Dolls: British lasses who embody their times

Photos courtesy of A Girl for All Time It’s hard to be an Anglophile in July. Honestly, any other month of the year, and it’s all “tallyho” and “hip, hip, hooray.” But come the month that honors America’s severing of the old maternal apron strings, and it feels downright traitorous to declare that you are a fanatic for Jane Austen and Charles Dickens drives you mad. Really, it’s a month when declaring one’s dependence on British mystery movies and costume dramas makes you feel … well … out of step with the rest of the States. That’s why the...

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Discover the underbelly of Pollyanna and her doll dreams

Photos courtesy of Movie Star News Available on Netflix and Amazon, as well as popping up now and again on Turner Classic Movies On Demand, “Pollyanna” is a film that most people think they know, but truly do they? I mean, if I were to say the title to you, don’t you instantly think about a super-sweet, sickeningly wholesome movie about a Goody Two-shoes who runs around smiling stupidly and grinning vapidly? I know that for many of us in the jaded 2000s, the movie definitely has that association of being sappy Disney, a cavalcade of too much good...

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Creative Curtsey: Ms Mollie O’s porcelain pieces deserve standing ovations

Photos courtesy of Sarah Maldonado The past few months have been very busy for me. Beyond work duties and family commitments, I’ve also been very involved with catching up with my personal passion — the theater, darlings. Yes, one of the many careers I’ve had in my life involved the footlights, the bright lights, the big-city egos and the small-town dreamers. I loved the years I spent first as an intern and then as a marketing manager, casting assistant, and new development administrator. Like they always say, you can take the girl off the stage, but you can’t take...

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