Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Cinema Heaven: Christie’s Audrey Hepburn online auction is a doll delight

Born in Belgium May 4, 1929, Audrey Hepburn would be turning 89 years old, if she hadn’t departed our world in 1993. It’s difficult to believe that Hepburn died 25 years ago—the anniversary of her death was Jan. 20. However, Audrey Hepburn remains very much alive as a collectible doll, a favorite among manufacturers and repaint artists alike. She also is highly sought after as an image on collectible giftware, posters, and coffee-table books. When it comes to eternal elegance, Hepburn is the “it” girl, especially for doll designers smitten with fashion. Folks bewitched by the twig-thin actress will...

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High-Flying Artist: Bo Bergemann creates The Greatest Showman dolls

Artist Bo Bergemann has made a temporary change to her location. Rather than residing year-round in the tropical paradise of Hawaii, she and her daughter, Bree, have migrated to California so Bree can attend a well-respected school for the deaf. Despite the shift in geography, Bergemann remains committed to conjuring up meaningful and symbolic dolls. Her newest ventures have her looking to the sky and to the silver screen. Gorgeous versions of Anne Wheeler, the aerialist in “The Greatest Showman” musical, are among her brand-new outpourings. This brave and bold character, portrayed by Zendaya, is one of her loveliest...

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Netflix’s New ‘Sabrina’ Is Poised for Dozens of Dolls

Netflix continues its domination of the so-called most desirable generations: the Millennials (formerly known as Generation Y) and their follow-up gene pool, Generation Z. These two groupings were born from 1981 to 1996 (for Gen Y), and then 1997 to 2015, respectively. From age 37 down to a precocious 3-year-old, these are the eyes and ears that pop-culture producers and manufacturers strive to capture and tempt with their merchandise. Case in point: the new version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, which they hope will have a “Stranger Things” marketing blitz, spawning dolls, books, clothing, jewelry, iPhone cases, and anything...

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Real-life Doll: Natalie Wood would make a great fashion collectible

Photos Courtesy of Movie Star News When Natalie Wood was a child star, she figured among one of the busiest and most prolific of actresses. Deemed a natural talent, directors vied to cast her in their films. Ironically, while she was reaping large paychecks — enough to support her family — Natalie herself was not very impressed. “I would have done the roles for armloads of dolls,” she wryly observed years later. Forget about huge dollar amounts, little Natalie was passionate about baby dolls and playing dress-up. That’s why it’s rather sad that there is no Natalie Wood Collection...

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Hidden Doll Devotion: Liz Taylor’s ‘Secret Ceremony’

Photos Courtesy of Movie Star News If a child’s toys can determine her grown-up occupation—medical bag for aspiring doctors and nurses, plastic horses and combs for equestrian groomers and riders—then what does a child star’s carefully chosen toys say about her future roles and curated persona? In the case of Elizabeth Taylor, who was never not famous, her juvenile roles never fit the mold of cute, mischievous kid or sassy, fun-loving little sister. Liz, who always looked glamorous and had a mature face, but on a pre-teen’s body, was called upon to play children with tormented secrets, life-draining illnesses,...

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Toy Fair 2018: Are You Ready to Join the Doll Fight Club?

I have to say that I had a good feeling about Toy Fair 2018. As I rode into Manhattan via railroad, I was surrounded by people (like me) who were all lost in their own little comfort zones. Some were reading; some were playing with their phones; some were chatting. Everyone was occupied with something else, but one commuter stood out to me. She was a young girl, perhaps 8 years old, and she was holding an American Girl doll, or a variation on one of those 18-inch-high doll confidantes. She was talking to her doll, and I swear...

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