Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Creative Curtsey: Ms Mollie O’s porcelain pieces deserve standing ovations

Photos courtesy of Sarah Maldonado The past few months have been very busy for me. Beyond work duties and family commitments, I’ve also been very involved with catching up with my personal passion — the theater, darlings. Yes, one of the many careers I’ve had in my life involved the footlights, the bright lights, the big-city egos and the small-town dreamers. I loved the years I spent first as an intern and then as a marketing manager, casting assistant, and new development administrator. Like they always say, you can take the girl off the stage, but you can’t take...

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Star Turn: Angela Cartwright has excelled as an actress, an artist, and a doll

Photos courtesy of Angela Cartwright As summer has advanced upon me — I’d say it snowballed its way onto my radar screen, but that is a meteorologically mistaken metaphor — I have to figure out things to occupy a tween and a teen for long, hazy days without school. One way to provide a few fleeting hours of family bonding is to watch a DVD of a long-ago classic TV series or to unearth a compendium of forgotten film favorites. Luckily, I’ve received a lot of boxed sets over the years, and as an unapologetic pack rat (Sinatra and...

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Wonder No More: Wonder Woman is the perfect hero for today

The summer blockbuster season was kicked off by a femme fatale (emphasis on the “fatal”) in a form-fitting bustier/armor and a pair of sensible work boots. (That is, if your work is making the world safe for democracy and rid of evil-doers!) Yes, the new-and-improved version of Wonder Woman has hit cineplexes around the world, and the sound of cash registers ringing and credit card readers … beeping? blipping? … can be heard everywhere. In its opening weekend, Wonder Woman (or WW, for short) earned more than $100 million in box-office receipts. It was an admirable start for this...

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Will ‘Once Upon a Time’ have a happy, collectible ending for fans?

Over the years that I’ve been blogging for The Doll Chronicles, I’ve always loved to discuss what entertains me on the old, reliable flat-screen TV. In my defense, it’s not just what is occurring on the television set. Nope, it’s also what is being inspired by the images that flicker into my home every night of the week. One of the shows that most delighted me was ABC’s “Once Upon A Time.” Yes, the program could be hokey at times — and, yes, it could sometimes be a bold and beautiful mess — but it was a show that...

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Forever Feuding: Why couldn’t Crawford and Davis be content as frenemies?

It makes perfect sense — well, to me at least — that two people who have an enormous amount in common might not get along at all. Religious scholars, therapists, and candid authors all point out how many of us are blind to the great big hunk of lumber sticking out of our own eyes, but we can eagerly point toward the speck of dust inhabiting our neighbor’s vision. We’re often willfully blind to our own faults, but we can recognize them from a mile away when they are presented in a stranger’s bearing. This foible of human nature...

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