Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Heartfelt: Barbara Felts feels her dolls reflect reality, faith

Photos courtesy of Moonlight Art Dolls When I showed Barbara Felts’s idealization of the Little Mermaid, folks were understandably impressed. The doll is an aquatic stunner — part Esther Williams/part Rita Hayworth. She’s a lovely pinup character, just minus the million-dollar Betty Grable legs! What’s interesting about Felts as an artist is that many of her offerings celebrate the reality of life, not the more mythological, fantastical elements. Though she has done fairies and cherubs, a mermaid or a pixie, she finds the most satisfaction by creating dolls that honor everyday affection, everyday elegance, everyday attitudes. With her respect...

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Part of Our World: Ariel, the Little Mermaid, is the patron of all collectors

Well, truth can be stranger than fiction. Social media proves that every single day, and among one of those “is it probably real, or is it really improbable?” quandaries is Lindsay Lohan’s all-out campaigning to play Ariel in Disney’s live-action version of “The Little Mermaid.” Disney has had huge box-office success with the translation of their beloved cartoons into real-life human versions. (Or as real-life as carefully made-up and costumed celebrities can be!) “Cinderella,” starring Lily James and Richard Madden, did very healthy ticket business, and Emma Watson’s “Beauty and the Beast” did what VARIETY newspaper likes to call...

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Barbie Goes Hollywood: Who would you cast in this role?

Who is Barbie? Or, more accurate, who should play Barbie? Mind you, I didn’t say who should play with Barbie — because for doll collectors, that could mean every individual under the Malibu sun. No, I asked, “Who should play Barbie?” You see, after a decade of it being whispered about and hinted at, recent Hollywood gossip reveals that a live-action Barbie movie has been in the actual planning stages. According to those in the know, the film has hit a rocky patch — a slippery slope of whether it will continue to be green-lighted or whether it will...

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Star Bright: Carrie Fisher reigns as a force in the collectibles universe

After returning home from a brief family vacation — four days of intense fun, probably a week to recover from aforementioned enjoyment — I was considering what to blog about this week. There are so many beautiful doll creations, and my mind didn’t know which lovely lineup to line up! But, then, it suddenly came to me: Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, Zwergnase Dolls, and HBO! Talk about a quartet of quirkiness. While I was away in DC, I brought a book to read in any downtime that I might manage to find. Well, naturally, there was no downtime. The...

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Summer Wind: Edith Schmidt’s doll clothing flutters in the breeze

Photos courtesy of Edith’s Editions One of the interesting things I’ve noted in the world of doll collecting — and particularly with the advent of BJDs, and their invitation to get “up close and personal” — many women will spend a great deal of money buying ensembles and accessories for their dolls, but will shop smartly and rarely for their own wardrobes. (In other words, they will commission one-of-a-kind, bespoke fashions for their “mini me,” but will hold out for the summer sale and the Kohl’s bucks for their own needs.) I suppose it makes sense, because unlike us...

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Moving Images: The Morris Museum’s “steampunk” marvels are truly amazing

Photos courtesy of the Morris Museum About a decade ago, I saw a really fascinating documentary. It was called “Born Rich,” and it was made by one of the heirs to the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company. James “Jamie” Johnson is the heir apparent to all of that wealth — we’re talking about oodles and boodles and maybe even poodles of money! He is going to be richer than most of us mere mortals will ever dream of being. Pierrot — Ecrivain, one of the mechanical marvels in Morristown, N.J. Rather than just sitting at home and counting bags...

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