Author: Stephanie Finnegan

Dolls tackle life’s crippling sameness in ‘Anomalisa’

Photos Courtesy of Paramount Pictures The 2016 winner for Best Animated Movie was Pixar’s look at the internal turmoil that befalls a tween girl. “Inside Out,” distributed by Walt Disney Pictures, showed the joy, the angst, the anger, and the sadness that wage war inside a child’s mind. Going up against the PG-rated juggernaut was an R-rated stop-motion film called “Anomalisa.” It was the first “adult” animated movie ever nominated for an Oscar, and it made history for that impressive feat. The film lost the statuette, but it garnered incredible reviews from professional critics, IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes reviewers,...

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Blast Off in 2018! American Girl astronaut doll debuts this week

Photos courtesy of American Girl It’s definitely true that playing with dolls expands a child’s imagination. There are no limits to what a young girl can dream up when she’s left alone with her favorite toy and the expanses of her mind. The American Girl doll company has long shone a light on what has made young American girls tick yesterday, today, and, perhaps most important, tomorrow. New American Girl doll Luciana Vega aspires to travel to Mars.With their brand-new release for 2018, Luciana Vega boldly goes where no American Girl has gone before. The design team has created...

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2017 in Review: Diverse dolls kick down barriers, redefine heroism

Looking back on many of the blogs I posted throughout 2017, I have to announce this was definitely the year of the superheroine. This year moved the measurement of what constitutes a hero: transforming it from muscle-bound he-men to courageous women; from medal-winning supermen to Olympic-decorated “sheroes,” and from teenage beauty queens to teenage activists. Superheroes have long been a part of the national landscape. Superman was fighting evil forces way back in 1938, so next year will be his 80th anniversary. For many decades, moviegoers only saw actors in the role of crusading, battling crime-fighters. Women could be...

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Christmas Star: Karolyn Grimes co-starred in Hollywood’s finest holiday films

Film stills and lobby cards from Movie Star News The notion of being grateful is something that we are taught at a very young age. Saying please and thank you are among the first niceties that children are encouraged to say. However, as we grow older, and we have parroted polite words for multiple decades — some more than others — how often do you really feel what you are saying? How many times do you say thank you and honestly grasp that emotion of gratitude and appreciation? Christmas is a great time to think about gratitude because it...

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What’s Wrong with Rudolph? It’s not what you think!

Photos courtesy of Movie Star News This year, social critics in the know have named “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” as one of the most dangerous holiday films ever made. Now, at first glance, it does seem rather ridiculous to lodge so hefty a complaint at such an innocuous pastime. But these academic busybodies are onto something! Both the song, and the stop-motion cartoon it inspired, tend to celebrate conformity, forced acceptance, seeking peer approval, and bending one’s personal uniqueness to suit the pack. Yep, these naysayers have a point: Rudolph and his eventual triumph only come about after being...

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Meghan Mania: Which doll will be first in the new Royal Wedding race?

When Prince Harry and his fiancée, actress Meghan Markle, met the press to formally announce their engagement, they weren’t just making a statement of hopeful love and dreams for nuptial bliss. No, they were unleashing a tabloid frenzy that will go into hyperdrive as May 2018 looms closer and closer. On both sides of the Atlantic, the press and royal watchers will be devouring so much of this courtship because Harry has been famous before birth and Ms. Markle is an American actress who has been striving for fame for at least 15 years. Markle needs to buckle in...

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