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2017 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Complete Rules

The Dolls Awards of Excellence (DAE) competition (also known as the Diamond Awards) recognizes and encourages excellence in the design and creation of dolls. Photos of all the entries are reviewed by an esteemed panel of judges, who evaluate each submission on overall aesthetic appeal, excellence in concept, design, and execution, and quality of material and workmanship The highest-scoring creations in each category receive the DAE Industry’s Choice Awards and become the nominees for that year’s Public’s Choice Awards. DOLLS readers then vote for their favorite nominee in each category to determine the Diamond Award winners. Show the doll world your talent — enter this year’s competition! RULES Entries that do not conform to the following rules will not be processed or seen by judges. Entry deadline is April 17, 2017. If you have questions not addressed here, please contact Joyce Greenholdt at or 715-445-5000 ext. 150. 2017 CATEGORIES & DEFINITIONS For the purposes of this contest, dolls are defined as jointed or unjointed playthings or collectibles, produced from any materials, in a human image (anthropomorphic designs may be entered in one of the Fantasy categories). STANDARD CATEGORIES (Categories 1-14) Entries in categories 1 through 14 must be designed by the submitting artist or manufacturer from original sculpt to finished doll. Collaborations are permitted, provided contributing artists are credited, but dolls made from kits or altered versions of...

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2015 DOLLS Awards Industry’s Choice winners announced

The 2015 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice winners (DAEs, also called the Diamond Awards) were announced at the International Doll & Teddy Bear Show in Asheville, N.C., June 6. The Industry’s Choice winners will go on to become the nominee’s in the Public’s Choice voting, set to begin in late June. Without further ado, here are the winners of this year’s Industry’s Choice Diamond Awards! Manufacturer Categories Children’s Play Doll Bonnie and Pearl Beverly Stoehr Originals Carry Me La Newborn JC Toys Group La Newborn Moments: Teddy Bear JC Toys Group Lydia, Your Georgian Girl A Girl for All Time Nico by Berenguer JC Toys Group Collectible Baby/Child Doll Carlos by Berenguer JC Toys Group Savana Ashton-Drake Galleries Trendy & Swag Bo Bergemann Valentina by Berenguer JC Toys Group Welcome Home, Kitty Ashton-Drake Galleries Collectible Fashion/Adult Doll Expressions of the Soul Ashton-Drake Galleries Natalie: Black Pearl JAMIEshow Doll USA Rose Gold Bride Ashton-Drake Galleries Collectible Resin BJD Leelee By Tracy Promber for Jpopdolls Pandora By Ludivine for Jpopdolls Pepe By Irina Kodresko for Jpopdolls Trent Osborn: A Double Life JAMIEshow Doll USA Yani By Kaye Wiggs for Jpopdolls Artist Categories Reborn Doll Elyse Leah By Debra Brooks Greta Elisa Marx By Tracey Webster Miracle By Stacey Haskins (sculpt by Laura Lee Eagles) Artist Baby/Child Doll Alex Loves Trucks! By Bo Bergemann Arina By Zofia & Henry Zawieruszynski Frump...

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2014 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice Winners

Here are your 2014 DOLLS Awards of Excellence Industry’s Choice Winners! Manufacturer Categories Children’s Play Doll “Carla by Berenguer” JC Toys Group “Clementine, Your 1940s Girl” A Girl for All Time “Kazumi” Zeenie Dollz LLC “Lil’ Ducky” JC Toys Group, Inc. “Zennia Mother Earth” Zeenie Dollz LLC Collectible Baby Doll “Abby Rose” Ashton-Drake Galleries “Emilio” JC Toys Group “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge” Ashton-Drake Galleries “La Newborn Baby Girl” JC Toys Group, Inc. Collectible Child Doll “Christina” MasterPiece Dolls “Gianna” MasterPiece Dolls “Sunshine & Lollipops” Ashton-Drake Galleries Collectible Fashion Doll “Déjà vu: Red Hot” Tonner Doll Company “Michelle...

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Meet ‘Red Bean’ and ‘Sweet Corn’ RubyRedGalleria introduces a new 8-inch line

RubyRedGalleria is launching a new series of 8-inches dolls this year. The same size as the company’s StrawBerina and Four Kindergartners, these new dolls feature high-quality polyresin heads, unlike their previous 8-inch doll offerings. The inspiration for RubyRedGalleria’s new line combines the modern-day search for a healthier diet with the ancient Chinese idea of the Five Crops, a grouping of important staple foods. The story of these new dolls takes us to a plain and ancient small village in a remote and inaccessible area of China. The Five Crops: Fuwa Among the hundred or so inhabitants of the village...

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Zeenie Dollz – Animated Webisode

Zeenie Dollz is a fun and fashionable eco-friendly doll line that teaches girls green ideals, sustainability, and eco-responsibility. Meet the Zeenie Dollz! The Zeenies are 6 fashionable Eco-Warriors on a mission to protect the environment and save the Earth. Zeenie Dollz are 12 inch dolls made from non-toxic recyclable materials (ABS and TPR) and feature 24 points of articulation for maximum pose-ability and play-ability. Each doll’s eco-fabulous fashion represents their own unique eco-power and environmental cause. History I have been drawing since I was a little girl and have always been interested in protecting animals and the environment. The...

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JAMIEshow Dolls USA

JAMIEshow Dolls were first introduced in the fall of 2009, this year 2014 marks our 5th anniversary! The JAMIESHOW 1/4 fashion BJD’s combine the posable ball structure of a BJD with the elegant figure of 16-inch fashion doll in a perfect way. They are designed with 18-20 points of articulation depending on the specific doll, for holding a variety of very human poses. Accessories for almost every other 16-inch fashion doll and fashion BJD, such as clothes, shoes and wigs are all suitable for JAMIESHOW BJD and vice versa. Each doll is hand made, there is no machinery used...

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