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Kaye Wiggs: In Her Own Words

Virtuoso dollmaker Kaye Wiggs was presented with Jones Publishing’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 International Doll & Teddy Show in Asheville, N.C. The Australian artist graciously took the time to write the following short autobiography, with assistance from Grace Szczepaniec of, for DOLLS magazine. I grew up on a farm near a small town in Australia called Quirindi. I was (am) the oldest of six children. We had sheep, horses, cattle, pigs, chickens and ducks. My daily chores included rounding up the cows to be milked each day and looking after the chickens and ducks. I loved...

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Kaye Wiggs: Uplifting Dolls from Down Under

They are winsome waifs whose soulful expressions tug at the heart. They seem less like dolls to be purchased and more like precious little people to be adopted and cherished. They all ooze personality-plus, and they all are the delightful creations of Kaye Wiggs, an Australian artist who has worked at her craft and perfected her skills until she has become one of the most talented creators in the doll world. Kaye was born on a farm in Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia. “We were quite poor when I was a child, and we had to live on the...

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Kim Arnold’s Trinket Box Treasures BJDs

Years ago, when Kim Arnold stumbled onto BJDs and became a collector, she was a bit taken aback by how costly they were. Now as a BJD artist, she knows how important it is to give collectors the most for their money. That has translated into the native Canadian artist’s line of Trinket Box Kids — large BJDs with big eyes and big personalities. “I like all my dolls to have big eyes,” said Arnold, 56, of Ontario. “I want them to feel emotion. The most important thing when you’re looking at a doll is the look that they’re...

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Stone-Age Pursuits – Cristy Stone’s Agenda Accommodates Both Fantasy and Reality

Now that she’s successfully tested — and navigated — the waters of full-fledged dollmaking, Cristy Stone is setting her creative sights on the realms of fantasy and history. The popular doll-repaint artist introduced her first ball-jointed doll (BJD), “Gracelyn,” in 2011. The 62 cm (almost 24 ½ inches) stunner was an immediate hit with collectors. Several other dolls have followed, each of them limited releases and drop-dead gorgeous. This year, Stone plans to offer two new characters: “Kyla,” a 45 cm Asian fairy who hopes to meet her best friend, Samantha, one day; and “Artemisia,” a 62 cm warrior queen. These...

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Silver and Bold – After 25 Years, Jack Johnston Remains Focused on Professional Growth and Supporting the Dollmaking Community

For doll artist Jack Johnston, all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold. This year, it’s all about silver — as in one bright and shining anniversary. In a career dotted with accolades and awards, 2014 marks Johnston’s 25th year as a professional dollmaker. It’s also the 22nd anniversary of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, an organization he founded to support and encourage fellow artists. On top of that, he’ll also be receiving Jones Publishing’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the International Doll Show in Asheville, N.C., in June. Hearing the news about his selection for the award “was a thrilling...

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Interesting Facts About Madame Alexander Dolls

The year 2014 marked the 91st anniversary of Madame Alexander Dolls. Madame Beatrice Alexander, founder of the Alexander Doll Company, was truly a remarkable and honored businesswomen throughout her lifetime. Her enduring company continues to make history. In 1923, at the age of 28, Beatrice Alexander founded the Alexander Doll Company. The original workforce consisted of the Alexander sisters and neighborhood men and women who were looking to earn a little bit of extra money. Madame Alexander was the first manufacturer to issue a doll based on a licensed character. The 1930 Alice in Wonderland doll led to the...

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