Author: Carie Ferg

Any Way You Want It

Ball-jointed dolls have flexible identities. They’re palettes that transform to a buyer’s wishes—heads, makeup, hair, clothing, eyes, resin color—choosing some or all of these are decisions collectors make when purchasing a BJD. Any way you imagine a BJD, you can have it, and therein lies their beauty and the secret to their popularity says Catherine Sanders, owner of Dollfair International, a U.S. partner with and distributor for Korean BJD artists. Traditional and untraditional doll collectors of all ages and genders are excited about BJDs because they encourage creative participation. “People are recognizing they reflect your imagination, your dreams, what...

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The Buzz about Goodreau BJDs

The first time Goodreau Doll designer Paulette Goodreau held a ball-jointed doll (BJD) in her hand at a convention, she “an­nounced to the whole room, ‘I’m going to make these.’” People thought Goodreau was kidding, but several years later she followed through with her declaration in a big way. Goodreau was so captivated by that first BJD because “you can pose them; you can change their eyes; you can change their wigs, so they become entirely new dolls. I take my dolls apart anyway, so for me, it was a win-win situation.” She likes the way resin warms to...

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Itty Bitty Toy Co. Merges Magic & Nature

When two renowned dollmakers get to­gether and focus their talents on creating play dolls, the result is extraordinary attention to de­tail and concept. Stephanie Blythe’s and Linda Mason’s pet project, Itty Bitty Toy Co., is the result of plenty of persistence and hard work. “It’s been a five-year labor of love,” Blythe says. Every time a door closed and they began to question wheth­er they should continue, another opened. Although Blythe and Mason enjoy making dolls for adults, they’d always wanted to try their hands at play dolls for children. “De­signing and working on them together be­came a fun...

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Little Stars Shine Bright

After dedicating her Kusch­elchen dolls to her granddaughters, Viola and Camilla, bear and dollmaker Ruth Treffeisen of Germany, thought it only fair to dedicate her Little Stars in the Doll Sky line to her youngest granddaughter, Alina. “It’s been a wonderful challenge that Alina has enthusiastically participated in time and time again. Her ideas and wishes motivate and inspire me,” says Treffeisen of her pint-sized partner. Although the beaming beauties of the line are play dolls, their expressive faces, high-quality construction and designer wardrobe draw adults to collect them as well. “It is my desire that they bring fun...

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