Author: Alison Rasmussen

Your Ever-Growing Wish List and What to Do About It

Is your wish list is growing faster than your budget? Here are some tips on managing that list. If you’re a doll addict, and you subscribe to magazines and frequent message forums regularly, you’re probably bombarded with gorgeous photos of dolls that aren’t currently in your collection. At our house, we’ve recently migrated to a cash-based system. While wise, I miss the instant gratification of credit, quite frankly. Here are some techniques that have helped me managed my wish list. Layaway. This is a concept many dealers offer to customers to pay for higher ticket items over time. Also, it’s easy to budget for layaways. Buying nude or used dolls. You can often find these on the secondary market, like the DollPage Marketplace or Ebay (if you dare). Be sure to read the auction listings carefully, or you may end up with a doll with “features” you aren’t expecting. Upgrading your collection. I’m not talking about selling your entire collection–but it’s often possible to sell a few of the dolls which no longer captivate you in order to buy dolls you’d rather have. A couple of things that can kill your wish list: Pre-orders. I can’t tell you how many times I have placed many pre-orders that have all been released in the same month! If possible, try to wait until after the doll as been released to order...

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Managing Your Doll Collection With the Theme Method

First, a theme will help you organize your dolls and help narrow your collection. Second, themes help you shop for items that fit with your current collection, and help justify those purchases. For example, “This doll will fit in perfectly with my Alice in Wonderland collection.” How do you decide what themes will be in your collection? Here are some ideas from my collection’s themes: Alice in Wonderland Henry VIII’s Wives History of Fashion Really Expensive Dolls That I Couldn’t Afford But Had to Have Reimagined Fairytale Characters Reimagined Historical Characters If your favorite designer comes out with a new line that you must add to your collection, and they don’t fit in anywhere, simply add a new theme. For example, the Upside Down Oz collection by Goodreau Doll is just wonderful. So I’ve decided I love dolls with unusual hair color. So I add a new theme: Dolls with Unnatural Hair or Skin Color You can add several of your existing dolls (for example, a Wicked Witch doll or a BJD with a faux fur wig) to that theme and display them together. The best part is that, while your doll collection may look organized and under control with thgis method, you can still pretty much buy whatever doll strikes your fancy by setting up a new theme. It’s a great way to justify your purchases!   Photos...

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Negotiating Your Doll Collection Within Your Family

Does your family complain about your dolls cluttering up the living room? Are boxes overflowing from the closet into the hallway? Has your spouse had it “up to here” with your collection? From my experience, the best way to negotiate your collection is to show your spouse how much worse it could be. For example, if you spouse thinks your display is cluttering up the living room, move your display throughout the rest of house: into the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, dining room — at least on a temporary basis, until he stops griping. If this doesn’t cure the problem, make sure you’ve posed the dolls so they appear to be staring at you when you enter the room. If you suffer from overflowing boxes, get rid of the shippers. I used to keep them, thinking I might resell my dolls. But let’s be honest. You aren’t going to resell them anyway, and shippers just take up space. Now I keep only the boxes in the garage. If you have too many dolls to display all at once, rotate your displays. This is called the “diplomatic approach” or “compromise.” I learned about this technique from a woman named Rosemary, who has a wonderful system of displaying her dolls each month by color. It’s both artful and lovely. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to shop for more items for...

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How Not to Negotiate Your Doll Budget

Here are some tips on how not to negotiate your doll budget with your significant other. Weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth have their place when it comes to relationships, but not in your doll budget. If you’re single, money may not be an issue for you. But I’m not only married, I share a house with four children. Additionally, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for the past ten years.  Unfortunately, our society doesn’t see fit to provide us with much compensation or recognition, except for “Mother’s Day,” which primarily involves lukewarm coffee and toast crumbs in your bed. So instead, I’m left to negotiate my doll budget with my spouse directly. First, crying isn’t effective. I’ve tried. And while it’s useful in averting a severe crisis now and then, it’s postponing the inevitable blow-up. Better to get the blow-up over as soon as possible. Second, an “allowance” doesn’t seem to work. Allowances are for children. Plus, what happens when your grail goes on sale? Or when it rains, for that matter? (See my previous post, Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Doll.) Third, having someone else limit you doesn’t work. The key is limiting yourself, rather than having someone else nag you all the time. It’s just not manly to nag — it’s annoying: “Why yes, I do know how much I spent on dolls last month. Don’t...

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Top Ten Reasons to Buy a New Doll

In case you need some prompting to get that doll you’ve been thinking about, here are ten great reasons to make the purchase today. You find your grail doll at a great price. It’s raining, it’s pouring, your favorite on-line doll shop is having a sale. (So it doesn’t rhyme. I’m a doll addict. Does it have to be in iambic pentameter, too?) The collector selling the doll needs the money worse than you do (or you can come up with a better excuse as to where the money went). You don’t really need to get your hair dyed professionally this month–last month, the drugstore brand you used only earned three negative comments. You found three double entries while reconciling your checking account–that’s free money, and hey, finders keepers! You cleaned out the van and found $32.43 in loose change. Plus, you “found” a twenty dollar bill in your husband’s jeans while doing laundry. Finders keepers! You really mean it when you say, “Leave the toilet seat down!” What better way to tell it like you mean it than buy a new doll? You stuck to your diet every day this week (except for two), and you deserve a reward. The kids really like eating cereal for dinner, and they complain when you “cook” anyway. You find your grail doll at a great price. (I know, I already mentioned...

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A Doll Collector or a Doll Addict?

The first entry in any blog sets the tone for the blog. It can turn away readers, so I confess I compulsively rearranged my Alice in Wonderland collection before beginning this article. This entry serves as a public service announcement for fellow addicts, and for those of you we annoy (such as my dear husband, who I trust will not be reading this). When placing an order, a collector will do the basic research for a doll that fits into her budget and collection. An addict will spend hours online searching for the absolute lowest price (to maximize her budget) and may revamp the checkbook to read “household expenses” to occasionally hide a purchase. A collector may become impatient while waiting for a pre-order. An addict will stalk the UPS man and the postal carrier. Also, when a doll is delivered, even if an addict is ill (for example, suffering from a migraine headache with vomiting), she will miraculously recover, to the amazement of her family. During a move, a collector packs his dolls carefully and may carry them himself, so as to assure their safe delivery. An addict will not only move them herself, but she will unpack the dolls and set them up before unpacking the kitchen, the bathroom, her children’s bedrooms, and her own clothing. Dear Reader, are you a collector or an addict? Either one,...

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