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Home Articles News & Notes News&Notes Integrity Toys—Dark Romance
Integrity Toys—Dark Romance
Written by Superadmin   
Wednesday, 15 September 2010 16:22
Like their trend-setting, sought-after dolls, Jason Wu and the team at Integrity Toys know how to do their conventions up right, too. This year, Dark Romance, which more than 400 guests will enjoy Oct. 28-30, 2010, promises to be no exception. The company’s 10th convention to be held in six years, will take place in Pittsburgh, Pa., and will feature the attendance of Sherrilyn Kenyon, best-selling author of the Dark Hunter novels from which the Integrity Toys character dolls were produced for The Ashton-Drake Galleries. Keep posted for convention coverage in print and video formats in an upcoming issue of DOLLS magazine.


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I have all the Dark/Dream Hunter books and love each and every one. I have the Ash and Simi dolls on order and even do RP (role-play) as two of the characters with a wonderful group--believe it or not, thre are many different groups that do this very same thing.

I just wish I was attending this year's convention to finally be able to meet the Author Goddess, but she'll be closer to home come spring time so you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be there for that.

Can't wait to see more on the Dark Romance Convention!
Wanda Lee Kinnie , September 17, 2010 | url
Sherrilyn Kenyon is a great author. I have all her books and Love Simi and Acheron dolls Dark Romance is a perfect name for the convention. Hey have a convention closer to California
Dianna Bird , September 16, 2010


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