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Home Articles News & Notes News&Notes Meet Stephanie Finnegan … DOLLS’ Premiere Blogger
Meet Stephanie Finnegan … DOLLS’ Premiere Blogger
Thursday, 15 April 2010 16:47

With Stephanie Finnegan’s keen sense for sighting trends and her ability to probe beneath the service of controversial issues, Finnegan’s weekly postings on www.dollsmagazine.com are a must-read for any doll aficionado. Click here to read her blog!

Loving to talk about her dolls and how they have impacted her life—for better or for worse—Finnegan thinks that blogging is a way to carry on really intimate cyber conversations. Hoping to find likeminded folks who spend more time worrying about garbing their fashion doll than themselves, Finnegan sees the world as being divided into “Barbies,” “Midges,” “Skippers” and “Skooters.” Through humor and candid revelations, she plans on inviting readers to share their greatest moments of doll discovery (getting a OOAK Whoopi Goldberg doll dressed as the Cheshire Cat!), as well as instances of self-discovery (she is a Midge).  

Join Finnegan as she wades through timely doll industry issues, and on a more personal level, her doll collection, and finds that each piece holds a key to who she once was and who she hopes to be.   

It’s a OOAK blog for collectors who think and collect outside the box. Make sure you subscribe to the RSS feed so you don’t miss a post!

Finnegan Facts
Stephanie Finnegan was born into a family of collectors, and thinks that this acquiring passion is part of her DNA. A devotee of all things dolls and bears, she has been fortunate to pursue a career in the collectibles and toy industry. A former editor of both Teddy Bear Review (TBR) and DOLLS, she continues today as a senior contributor for TBR and a constant contributor and columnist for DOLLS. The author of several books on doll artistry and dollhouses, Finnegan is never happier than when she is telling a tale about a new doll line being launched or a forgotten icon being rediscovered. When she’s not busy pursuing the latest doll trend, she finds time to write a column on ceramic Dept. 56 collectibles for Village D-Lights, as well as a look at how collectibles can be the cornerstone for decorating a room or a house for Collector Editions. In addition to her collectibles work, Stephanie is a fact-checker and line editor for several publishing houses that specialize in true crimes and techno-thrillers. Married, and raising two children, Stephanie is constantly busy!

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